The Netherlands

In the distress of the Kulturkampf Mother M. Clara was compelled to go abroad to beg.  So the Sisters approached Bishop Dr. Konrad Martin of Paderborn and the Holland Bishop from Utrecht and Haarlem, with their request for approval, to go to Holland to collect. 

With this, in 1874/75 the first connections to Holland were made and the foundation of branches prepared. 

The first foundation began in 1875 in Bodegraven.  Because the Sisters did not know the language, they began at first with nursing care of outpatients and the instruction of young women in sewing.  Later came into being an elementary school, a middle school, a boarding school, a sewing school, as well as a large kindergarten.



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In Vlissingen they began in 1875 with the care of orphaned children and with outpatient care of the sick.  From these modest beginnings developed soon in various cities of the Netherlands an extensive activity both in the area of nursing as well as in the school, in the sewing school, in the kindergarten.


In 1885 a small branch was established in Haarlem, in order to go out from here to care for the outpatient sick.  In 1889 the large “Mariastichting” hospital was built, in which throughout the decades many Sisters served the sick.



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The Mariastichting was in the 1980’s merged with the DeaconessHospital in Heemstede.  This Spaarne-Ziekenhuis – the new name – was built new a few years ago outside of Haarlem in Hoofddrop.

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Since 1920 the Sisters in the Netherlands became an independent province under the patronage of St Francis, and in 1921 a Provincial House in Heemstede was opened.  In 1923 in Aerdenhout the Boekenroode, a large property with a mansion was able to be purchased, which since that time has served as the Motherhouse, that is, as the Provincial House and also as the Postulancy and Novitiate.


Heemstede/ Aerdenhout

 mutterhaus aerdenhout




In 1930 the NetherlandsProvince followed an invitation to begin a mission in Indonesia.


In the course of time many changes have taken place.  Little by little the Sisters had to relinquish the services in their hospitals or in the schools.  They then took over new services.

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