Please pray for the soul of our sister who has passed away  


 Sr Rosalina


I tried to forget what was behind and ran towards Him

(see FLP 3:13-14)


Her baptismal name was Hanna Katarina Situmorang.

Born in Laemaga (Parlilitan) on August 15, 1959, as the 5th of 8 children.

Entering Postulancy: Balige, January 23, 1978

Entering Novitiate: Balige, August 25, 1980

First Vows: Balige, June 12, 1982

Final Vows: Balige, June 24, 1990

Forty years of religious life: Monteluco December 8, 2021

She passed away on January 15, 2022 in the FCJM Community "Fioretti" Jl. Sei Padang-Medan.


Personal Recognition and Biography:

Sr. M. Rosalina is a person who is diligent in prayer, friendly, disciplined and very close to young people, especially her students. Many young women are interested in becoming Sisters and joined our Congregation. As a Catholic religious teacher, she sets a good example, was disciplined in time and was firm in her duties in educating. Since she was young, this Sister has often been sick; however, she was faithful to take care of her health. As a civil servant teacher, she retired early for health reasons. So since retiring Sr. Rosalina got more attention and treatment for her diseases in St. Clara Pematangsiantar.

After being declared cured of COVID-19 experienced in April 2021, she became more and more routine for health checks. Finally, after a health check, the surgeon recommended that she had to be referred to the hospital due to an intestinal tumor.

Since June 1, 2021, she lived in the “Fioretti” community, Jl. Sei Padang Medan for undergoing treatment and chemotherapy. Her health deteriorated greatly, so on October 16, 2021, Sr. Rosalina Situmorang received the Anointing of the Sick at Murni Teguh Hospital by Pastor Jhon Rufinus Saragih Kapusin.

On December 8, 2021, Sr. Rosalina celebrated 40 years of religious life, even though she was still on chemotherapy treatment, but because of her passion for life and the desire, she was able to attend the feast well and with joy.

Sr. Rosalinas health was deteriorating and it was agreed that she should be brought back to Pematangsiantar where she died on January 15, 2022 at 20.15.

Sr. M. Rosalina Situmorang FCJM, welcome to your Father's house in heaven. May the Angels and Saints of God welcome you among them. May your life give us the example of sisterhood and be a prayer for us.

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