Franciscan Sisters of Saint Blandine
11, Rue de Lardemelle
57050 Le Ban St Martin

With the Virgin Mary, with St. Francis and all the saints,
with Mother Clare and all the sisters who have already preceded us
into the infinite joy of the living God
we would like to announce that our
Sr Madeleine Sister M. Madeleine
née Christine Czapka
passed away to our heavenly Father.

She was born in Hagondange on February 22, 1942.
and deceased on January 02, 2022 at Mercy Hospital.
Sister Madeleine died at the age of 80 years
and in the 60th year of her religious life.

In memory of Sister Madeleine

Saint Bernard Parish, is very sad to inform you that Sister Madeleine CZAPKA, née Christine Marie CZAPKA, has passed away in METZ.

Sister Madeleine was born in 1942 and returned to eternal life on January 2, 2022, at the age of 79, comforted by the sacraments of the Church. In 1995, sent by the diocese, she began her mission of presence and closeness to the people in St. Catherine Parish as an Pastoral Assistant (ALP). For more than 25 years, Sister Madeleine spared no effort, gladly rendered service and was involved in the many activities of the parish as liturgical animator (ADAP, lector...), person in charge of the preparation of First Communion, director of catechesis after many years of teaching catechism in the schools, and pioneer of the DEUIL team. Everywhere, with her independent character, her open tone and her free thoughts, she met people with great personal attention and knew how to make them aware of their responsibilities as Christians. In October 2021, she ended her service here to devote herself more intensely to her Franciscan community in Ban St. Martin, her spiritual family to which she was closely attached. She had been responsible for the leadership of the community for a long time. Since some weeks Sister Madeleine suffered from serious health problems, but nothing indicated her quick passing.

We express our gratitude to the Lord for the many services she rendered. She fulfilled her mission in the Church with dedication and fidelity. Her enthusiasm and dedication will remain in our memories. Yes, great is our gratitude for her readiness and competence, which she offered in the service of the life of the Church. We express our heartfelt condolences to her family and to her fellow Sisters and assure them our prayerful closeness and our spiritual attachment. Sister Madeleine will henceforth bring our activities and concerns to the Father in heaven. The various archpriests, collaborating priests and parishioners remember her commitment and dedication and thank the Lord for her apostolate. Sister Madeleine will be buried on Thursday, January 6 in Metz in the closest family circle.

For our part, we will gather at the 6 p.m. Mass on Thursday, January 6 at St. Catherine's to thank the Lord for the many services she gave to our community.

May Sr. Madeleine rest in the peace of Christ.

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