I have stilled my soul. Psalm 131:2a


Grateful for all love and care, we say farewell to our fellow Sister


Sr Rathboda


Sister M. Ratboda

of the Holy Five Wounds

née Carolina Josephina Triphaus
who has been called home to eternal life.
born: 21.07.1022 in Grafeld, district Osnabrück
died: 22.06.2021 in Salzkotten




Commemoration of the life of Sister M. Ratboda Triphaus

I have stilled my soul. Psalm 131:2a         

We can certainly imagine, I think, that Sister M. Ratboda also speaks this phrase of the Psalmist: “I have stilled my soul. “ Sr. M. Ratboda was a quiet soul, a good spirit wherever she worked, kind, calm and harmonizing.

Carolina Josephina was born on July 21, 1922, the daughter of the farmer Bernhard Triphaus and his wife Karolina, and grew up as the youngest among six other siblings. Already at the age of six, she had to experience the painful loss of both parents in one year. Her father died in an accident on February 28, 1928, and her mother died on June 7 of the same year as a complication of a surgery. How terrible for a child of that age! But there are always people who are present to help and support, and who shape this young life in a special way. In this case, it was her eldest brother and his wife who took in all the siblings and prepared a very good home for them and provided them a secure family, as Sister M. Ratboda herself always gratefully remembered.

Surely she kept this experienced love in her heart and lived it herself on her future life journey.

Carolina Josephina, she was probably always called Josephine, attended the Catholic elementary school in Grafeld for eight years. After leaving school, she worked at home in the house and on the farm. From November 1942 to November 1943, she learned cooking at St. Anne's Convent in Twistringen. For five years, she worked again at home, then, from June 1, 1948, as a ward assistant in the Elisabeth Hospital in Iserlohn. In Twistringen and Iserlohn, she must have come into contact with our Sisters, which certainly helped in her decision to join our community. She writes that she always had the desire to become a sister.

She entered our community on February 2, 1949. When entering the Novitiate on November 19, 1949, she received the name Sister M. Ratboda and the title: of the Holy Five Wounds. She professed her temporary vows on November 19, 1951, and her final vows on November 19, 1954. In September 1953, she successfully completed her training in nursing. I can imagine that she always lovingly cared for and looked after sick people and those in need. She did this in the following places: Bigge, Castrop, Mechernich, Bad Lippspringe, Twistringen, Boele, Liborius House Paderborn. Her last active workplace was Beringhausen. There she served for 20 years. I was told that during her time in the Franziskushaus in Beringhausen, Sister M. Ratboda mainly and with great love and patience took care of the nursing. When necessary, she also took over telephone duties at the reception desk. In addition, she enjoyed working in the garden where she took special care of the flowers. She enjoyed nature and used, for example, a rain gauge to determine the amount of rainfall. As we can see, it was always about loving care and attention - to humans and to flowers.

Sister M. Ratboda also cherished a close relationship with her family. Her eldest sister Rosa was a frequent guest in Beringhausen. The fact that everyone affectionately called her “Aunt Rosa” speaks of a cordial and intimate relationship. This is something one can only be happy about! Everyone who knew her confirms that Sister M. Ratboda was a very good listener and that she kept everything entrusted to her in her heart. A great gift! Therefore, everyone remembers Sr. M. Ratboda with pleasure, no matter where she lived and served.

Even though she was no longer active here at St. Clara in the last few months, she still seemed very precious in her manner. Everyone who met her or supported her confirms this. She loved playing games and met regularly with Sister M. Bertwinda for this social entertainment. At the same time, it was for her a conscious and valuable training for body and mind, which she often mentioned. She enjoyed participating in the program "Holidays without suitcases" and her mischievous smile revealed that she visibly felt good. In recent times, her strength was diminishing more and more. But even in this phase, every visit, every encounter with her was a gift. Although her speech was slowed down by a stroke with peace and patience, a meaningful conversation was possible. I was able to make this experience myself several times.

We thank Sr. M. Ratboda from the bottom of our hearts for her humble, admirable presence, which always confirmed the verse of the Psalm:

I have stilled my soul. Psalm 131:2a


Sister M. Birgit Henning

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