Following the example of Christ and his Mother Mary, we endeavor to integrate our contemplative and active lives so that our active lives are nourished and strengthened and supported through the contemplative and thus our actions become rich in blessings. From the beginning of our congregation we have been encourage to be engaged in whatever loving service the Lord  presented to us.  (F.C.)

Although we can describe various ministries, at any one time we could be ministering in many ways. Our Sisters serve in the ministries of-- presence, education, spirituality, healthcare, housing, pastoral, social services and social justice.


In the Ministry of Presence, we consciously bring and attend to the presence of God wherever we are.  We do this by attentively listening to stories and compassionately sharing in the journeys of others. We enjoy being with people and engaging in various activities.

In Ministries of Spirituality we companion people on their journeys with God. We listen to their heartfelt longings and are supportive of their spiritual journeys. We enjoy a respectful relationship where we strive to be attuned to the God within and all around us. We provide individual guidance and workshops on a variety of topics that engage others in our Franciscan heritage. slide2
slide3 In Educational Ministries we nurture personal, social and spiritual growth with all the people with whom we work. We nurture their minds and encourage them to create and follow their dreams. We encourage our learners to understand themselves, deal with their limitations and to find meaning in their lives. We provide opportunities that contribute to making this world a better place.
In Healthcare Ministries we compassionately serve the needs of the whole person in a healing environment. We strive to provide the best medical attention and service whether our involvement is within a large system of healthcare, a clinic or as a doctor. In the sponsorship of our ministries we see that our Franciscan values are demonstrated in the actions of all those who work with us. We also find ways to share our resources with others in need. slide4
slide5 In Housing Ministries we invite people to make their homes with us. Residents feel warmth and are valued. We attend to the energy of the young, the dreams of the adults and the wisdom of the elderly. Persons are connected to services within our housing buildings as well as the larger communities.  Persons are encouraged to be responsible for their own decisions, future growth and general well being.
In Social Ministries we strive to provide for the basic needs of persons with such items as food, clothing and social services.  We companion people in such a way that they are encouraged to provide themselves and others when they are able to do so. slide6
slide7 In Social Justice Ministries we advocate for justice, peace and the integrity of creation.  We advocate for changes within the system through personal contacts, emails, rallies networking and support of issues that can bring about changes both locally and globally. In our efforts to promote the common good we nurture a culture of life that considers the quality of life in all stages from womb to tomb.

If you are interested in more information on our life together, please explore our congregational websites:

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