franziskus la verna

However, by the way,

no kind of loving works should be excluded from their love,

which God gives occasion. 

FC 1 M. Clara Pfänder


Through living the gospel as it is discovered in prayer and in community, we Franciscans witness God's love for all people and for the whole of creation, promoting peace, standing in solidarity with the poor, effecting reconciliation and bringing hope to all.


Through our loving presence and service, we foster personal and community growth as we respond to the needs of the Church and of our contemporary time.

Franciscan Values

Four Franciscan values permeate all that we do in Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation: conversion, contemplation, poverty and minority.








Responding to God's grace within our hearts and minds, we turn inward to reflect on our Gospel way of life and we turn outward in our efforts to promote a more just and peaceful society based on our Gospel life


 jpic conversion




 jpic contemplation



We experience the presence of God whose deepening love transforms us into a unique presence of Christ.  Knowing ourselves deeply loved, we carry messages of hope for a just world.








In all of our efforts to alleviate poverty we not only focus on the material and physical needs of the people and all of creation, but we also embrace the integrity of the spirituality revealed in these situations.


  jpic poverty





  jpic minority



We recognize our role to influence others through a respectful collaboration in our Gospel mission. We honor the service of others and keep focused on what is important for the common good. We embrace Christ in all of human life.


Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation (JPIC) is about promoting the reign of God in this world. The Spirit of God anointed Jesus and sent him on a journey to announce the good news to the poor, to proclaim liberty to captives, to give sight to the blind, to give liberty to the oppressed, and to proclaim a year of grace. (Luke 4, 16-18; Cf. Is 61, 1-2).
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