of the Sacred Hearts

of Jesus and Mary


imagesSeveral times during the General Chapter, Sisters expressed their longing to deepen our charism of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary. Now we are approaching the feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the commemoration of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

It is appropriate to take a deeper look at this divine mystery and the human expressions of it. 

It seems helpful to start first with looking into our concrete life experiences. 

Recall people whom you have tangibly experienced as living from the depths of their heart. 

Take your time and step into remembering these concrete situations! 

What comes to your awareness? 

Perhaps a look, a gesture or a feeling comes to you—a feeling of loving concern, compassion, closeness, being accepted without judgment,understanding ... These are precious moments that want to be tenderly brought forth and looked at, and perhaps shared with others. 

What do these relived experiences open up in you now?

Gratitude, amazement, warmth...

What impulses did this experience give for your life or this phase of your life?

Inspiration, direction, impetus, confirmation ..

From which source did these heart-people live and which source did they touch in you?

With these rediscovered experiences within ourselves, we turn to God, the Creator, who has wonderfully formed our hearts. We carry the beauty of the divine within us. In order to better perceive and develop this treasure, God sent us His Son Jesus, the Son of Man.

God nourished Jesus' heart in their love relationship in the silent moments of prayer and in the encounters with people who opened their hearts to him. Jesus lived from the tender and clear energy of the heart. Let us look at the Gospels!

He let himself be touched by compassion, to be turned to, to heal bodies and spirits, and to give his life. With the gaze of a lover, he released the heart energies of others.

How did his heart express itself, and what did his presence and actions evoke in the other person?

Reflect on an encounter in the Gospels and contemplate the heart movements in Jesus, in the people involved, and in yourself!

This is not just about contemplating the past, but Jesus the resurrected Christ is also touching me now, whether for example, I feel paralyzed and want to be loved back to aliveness, or whether I am just watching in wonder as it happens through grace to others.

Let us open ourselves to our life treasures of the past, the intensity of divine presence now, and let us be invited to express in action today and tomorrow the heart impulses we have received.

In this way we become heart people like Jesus and Mary, who uplift, encourage and bring peace.

In festive joy of the Feast of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, may we be a loving presence in mission and have a courageous vision of the future.

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