an insight into the incarnation of God,

an invitation to become human,

a mission to shape the world together.


Christmas 21The God of the universe, the Most High decides out of love to come close to His image, to become human in everything. He descends, lays down omnipotence and chooses powerlessness. He takes leave of self-determination and experiences dependence; leaves wealth behind and becomes poor; steps out of untouchability and exposes Himself to life; leaves heavenly spheres and enters relationship and limitation; entrusts Himself and submits to growth and maturity in joy and pain; changes from the spirit alone to the touchable body; changes from the I to the YOU and WE; the Only One becomes triune community; receives and shares. And all this takes its beginning in the silence of God and in the middle of our night. Redemption prepares itself so very differently than expected - in a woman, in the listening of Mary and Joseph, apart in a stable on the way and as an unspeakable gift in a crib becoming companion and love, food for all and at all times.

PeopleWhat does this insight into the Incarnation of God invite us to do from a Franciscan perspective? To come down, to accept powerlessness and dependence among human beings, to embrace complementarity and to grow with one another, to go from the "I" to the "WE", to receive and to share in solidarity care for all, especially the needy and our suffering common creation. In doing so, we let go of our riches, because everything is a gift that we are called to give back to God. We also let go of our misery and entrust ourselves to God's mercy. Just as God gave away everything for our sake, so we do it for the sake of all. We consciously decide for a new YES to becoming human in thanksgiving and attentive, careful, and concrete responsibility for one another.

Let us take a moment to look at our richness and our poverty! If you let images arise in you, they may be very different. Let us entrust everything in gratitude to God, our being strong and weak. Let us enter our community as real human beings, not determined to preserve and defend what is ours and what has been but entrusted to one another as free human beings in loving attentiveness on the way to common fulfillment.

Chrsitmas tree 21Is this not a perceptibly Franciscan and Clare-like life with which we may give ourselves, each other, and our world, in the sense of the encyclical "Fratelli Tutti"?

Let us allow ourselves to be touched again and again by the mystery of the Incarnation, in silent listening to God in all, and to be seized for a new, concrete YES to life and to communion with all creatures.

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