Invitation to pray with us our Novena

Theme: Our Prayer

Highest, brightest God, enlighten the darkness of our hearts.
Give us a faith that leads on, a hope that carries through everything,
a love that excludes no one and nothing.
Let us feel, Lord, who You are, and realize how we are fulfilling Your mission.


franziskus la vernaFrom the writings of St. Francis

The prayer of St. Francis has been an everlasting praise, thanksgiving, adoration, blessing, and contemplation, both in the admonition of his brothers and in his very personal dialogue with God. And let us refer all good to the most high and supreme Lord God, and acknowledge that every good is His, and thank Him for everything, He from Whom all good things come. (RegNBXVII,17)


mutter clara 4Mother M. Clara

The perpetual adoration of the Blessed Sacrament is the main activity of the Sisters of St. Francis, Daughters of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary.

Since the oppression of the times and of the Church was the motivation which called our Congregation into being, the concerns of Christianity should be recommended ceaselessly in devout prayer to our Savior present in the Blessed Sacrament.

The herald of the Gospel calls us to constant prayer with the words: “Pray without ceasing!” The Sisters should fulfill this precept with holy love…         (FC; XXXVII)




Sr. Angela Benoit September 2017, Salzkotten/Germany

mutter clara anfangszeitThe Rosary! How many times did Mother M. Clara, in all her pilgrimages and ways of longing in Rome, embraced the Rosary, prayed it, "prayed herself through" it until the light of forgiveness was shining in her? She remained faithful to the sisters, to the community; she kept them all in her heart, took them into her intimacy with God. Day after day, as we know at this time, Mother M. Clara visited many churches on her daily journey to the Vatican, participated in the Eucharistic celebrations, and spent hours in faithful adoration. She herself experienced transformation. I think we can say that she herself became a monstrance for us, and for others, completely transcendent towards Him. Her suffering was not in vain, her longing was fulfilled, differently, very differently than she longed for, desired. Utterly poor and despite all painful disillusions, all vain waiting and hoping, in the last precious moments of her life the mystery of love was opened to her. Mother M. Clara gave her FIAT: Come, St. Francis, I am ready. How precious is it today for us to know all this!

You are invited to reflect on the above-mentioned writings. What touches your heart and what inspires you in the journey towards our future?

Whatever two of you jointly ask for on earth, they will receive from my heavenly Father. In this confidence, we pray:

God, loving Father of all people, You truly know our life and our concerns. Through the intercession of our Foundress, Mother M. Clara Pfänder, grant our Congregation many faithful people who, in the spirit of St. Francis and Mother Clara, respond creatively to the needs of the times. Renew us, and our sisters and brothers in Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America with the confidence of Your loving Providence with Faith, Hope and Love. We ask this through Christ, our Lord. Amen.

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