In our Constitutions under “Our Living Witness through Ministry” we read: “…we desire to carry out those ministries which best meet the needs of the people, the church and our Congregation.  According to the intent of Mother M. Clara, those who are in need have a right to our help; however, the poor should have preference.”  (Const. # 44). 

Carried by this “heritage”, in 1984 our Sisters of the German Province made a start of a mission service in Madisi/Malawi, to bring the Gospel way of life to the African culture and to be open to the needs of the people.


They gave with this a response to the request of Bishop Matthias Chimole, who asked for help for the administration of the Diocesan hospital in Madisi.

Because of a lack of Sisters, the Carmelite Sisters from Luxembourg had to relinquish their service there.  After a time of settling in, our Sisters took over the administration of the hospital.

Malawi, in East Africa, located south of Tanzania, is one of the poorest countries in the world with about 13 million (2006) population.



The frequency of AIDS in the population is very high.

The needs of the people are incredible and because of this, our Sisters in the year 2000 switched the emphasis from the activities in the mission hospital to the education and development of AIDS orphans, including the work of education and more aimed measures against AIDS.


A primary school and a Home Craft Center for the formation for the practical life of the AIDS orphans as well as a Kindergarten were established.  In the afternoons the orphans learn in the HomeCraftCenter sewing, cooking, gardening, and housekeeping.




Here in addition was started help with homework and leisure time activities.  For the Sisters it is important that the students not only acquire knowledge but that the children learn early practical skills for an independent life.


The St Francis School is a very sought after school and offers place to about 1000 children.  There are always more AIDS orphans, and in order to give still more children the possibility of school attendance, an addition to the school was built. The Kindergarten has also been expanded.

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Since 2001 the mission in Malawi has been supported by Sisters from the IndonesianProvince.


At present five Sisters, 2 German Sisters and 3 Indonesian Sisters, live and work in the community in Madisi.  The school and Kindergarten are in each case directed by a Sister.