The Province of Indonesia ask your prayer for Sr. M. Elisabeth Hasugian 1941 – 2020

„ I dedicate my whole life to God“
(1Samuel 1:28)
Sr Elisabeth
Her baptism name was Refina Hasugian and
she was born in Parlilitan on June 10, 1941,
as the ninth of 16 Siblings.
Her father was Seing Hasugian and
the mothers name was Rehenna Tinambunan.

Sr. Elisabeth passed away on Monday July 27, 2020 at 6.35 a.m.

in St. Clara Pematangsiantar at the age of 79.

The Funeral will be on Tuesday, July 28, 2020 in Sinaksak – Pematangsiantar.



Entering Religious Life: May 09, 1956 in Balige

Enter Postulancy: September 17 1956 in Balige

Enter Novitiate: August 22 1057 in Balige

First Vows: August 22, 1959 in Balige

Final Vows: July 25 1066 in Balige

Silver Jubilee: July 22, 1082 in Balige

Forty Years of Religious Life: July 22, 1997 in Balige

Golden Jubilee: December 20, 2007 in Pematangsiantar

Sixty Years of Religious Life: December 8, 2017 Pematangsiantar

May Sister Elisabeth Hasugian Rest in Peace

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