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    Advent 2021


    Kerze FensterThe word "advent" originates from the Latin word advenio which means coming to. Advent is the time when we focus on Christ coming to the world. Throughout history, the Israelites anticipated the coming of their Messiah. In the Old Testament, over 400 scriptures and prophecies outline His birth, life, death, resurrection, and return. God had a plan to redeem His people. He declared His plan to His prophets over the centuries and is fulfilling His Word even now.

    “Our waiting is different from that of the Old Testament and our hope has a different quality.

    They waited for a future:
    We watch for God`s presence now.
    They hopes for a future event:
    We hope that what is hidden might become visible.
    They waited for the world to change:
    We are called to work for a change that has already begun.
    They looked to a distant horizon:
    We have to see what is happening under our noses.

    Kerze rotSo, Advent is the celebration of the coming of God: in the past, in the future and in the present. We are his point of entry. His coming in the past remains buried in the past unless he comes again in us. His coming in the future will never happen – if he can find no entry in us now.” (Searle, Mark, ed., Newsletter Assembly, Notre Dame Center for Pastoral Liturgy, quoted in PRESENCE, December 15, 1981)

    "Prepare the way of the Lord" serves as a main theme of this season. As we get ready for Christmas, we should not neglect to prepare our lives for Jesus, who came as "the light of the world." His light penetrated the world, which allowed all to see their Messiah, and the hope of their future.


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